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Duncan is available for hire as a violinist and music organizer for all types of performances and functions, public and private.  He is sought after for his stylistic authenticity and versatile abilities in numerous musical settings, making him a perfect fit for your project or special occasion, whether you are a serious musician seeking a sideman for your show, or an even organizer seeking to lively up your wedding, reception, party, or cocktail hour with professional quality music.  As a bandleader and organizer, Duncan draws from a large and incredibly diverse network of world class professional musicians, each of whom Duncan has individually had extensive on-the-job experience with and is deeply familiar with his or her abilities and level of professionalism.  Once an initial rate has been negotiated for your project, Duncan will work closely with you and anyone else involved in the transaction to ensure that everyones musical and professional needs are met.


Standard ensemble outfits (keep in mind these combinations can be altered to fit your needs):




violin or fiddle -classical, jazz, Irish, Celtic, Bluegrass, world fusion and/or Appalachian old time styles



Uilleann pipes (Irish bellows-blown bagpipe)




fiddle/violin plus one of the following instruments, or a combination of two of any instruments:


2nd fiddle/violin

acoustic or electric guitar















jazz trio -violin+guitar OR piano OR drums+bass


classical string trio -violin+viola+cello


Irish trio -any 3-piece combination of the following:

fiddle, accordion, flute, concertina, bouzouki OR guitar, harp, vocals.


bluegrass and/or Appalachian old time trio -any 3-piece combination of the following:

fiddle, mandolin, banjo, guitar, bass (vocals optional for any combination)



Quartets and quintets:


jazz quartet/quintet -same as jazz trio with the addition of saxophone and/or trumpet


classical string quartet -2 violins+viola+cello


Irish, bluegrass and Appalachian old time quartets -same instrumentation options as trio, but a 4 or 5 piece combination


For questions about booking, please contact info@duncanwickel.com


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