Praise for Duncan’s Work

“…Considerable talent…Wickel, currently studying jazz violin at the Berklee college of music, is as persuasive in a traditional Irish ballad as he is country fiddling or ripping through cascading classical flourishes or atonal double stops”

-the Boston Globe

“…19-year old Berklee phenom…Wickel proves to be the standout performer, exploring his instrument more in-depth than one might have guessed one could with a fiddle. He plays his violin as fiddle, bass, ukelele, and even scratches it like an 80’s DJ would vinyl. He is doing exactly what artists do best, stretching the boundaries of his sound through experimentation and play.”

-EDGE Boston

“Violinist Duncan Wickel sometimes began with a soulful melody that tightened into a reel or a hornpipe or a bluegrass fiddle tune. In his solos he took off into unimaginable cascades of sound and song. With bowing, plucking, rubbing and tickling, he could turn the violin into a whole orchestra.”

-The Boston Phoenix

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