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  1. David Loney says:

    Congratulations on wrapping up at Berklee.
    Looks like you are touring and traveling a lot.

    Don’t think you need this, but if you do it is available: we finished our house and I am setting the studio back up. If you need a place to do some recording and mixing that is peaceful and away from it all you can use it. We are away a lot of weekends as we bought a home on the coast of Maine. We are also not around during the day as we are at work. If it interests you and you need it, you can use it. I use Digital Performer, not Pro tools. I do have lots of great mics and some great Focusrite preamps. The house is wired as a studio so you can set people up in different parts of the house to record. Probably what mkes it a great place to record is where it is in the hills. I am not a tech wiz, but I could get you started. You would need to bring your own food, but there is no charge for the use of the studio. The benefit to me is the satisfaction of having helped, and maybe a chance to watch you work, if I am around, and learn form the experience.

    I know a studio can be set up anywhere these days, so if it doesn’t help that is fine. I should say if you have a portable studio/DAW/ computer the Beach house is available during the week when we aren’t there. It is in Kittery Point, 1 hour from Boston. It is right on the water. I could bring some mics and preamps and stands down if you have a DAW and Digital interface of your own. We would be there on weekends, but you would likely be off gigging then anyway. It has 3 queen size beds and 1 double bed, plus our bedroom. It is not rustic; very pretty home with fantastic views of the water.

    Did this for another friend’s recording before and it worked out very well; he worked on the recording all day while we were at work.

    David Loney

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